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Gift Dogs Will Love This Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is for loved-up couples, who want to shower each other with pink roses and chocolates to show how in love they are. However, over the years, it has been adopted by pet owners, who can’t help but spoil their pooches on February 14th.

Here are some suggestions on what you can give your dog this Valentine’s Day that they will both love and benefit from.

1) Puppy training classes

One of the best gifts for your furry friend has to be puppy training classes in Southampton. It might not be a chewy toy or a tasty treat, but being well-trained will give them security and confidence for the rest of their lives.

Once they have completed the course, they will be able to behave well when walking with a lead, which means they can enjoy strolls outside. They will be able to play and run with people and other dogs, so they can socialise easily.

They will respond to commands that might prevent an injury, ensuring they remain safe and healthy at all times. They will also learn good behaviour when it comes to grooming, bathing, approaching and treating other humans, and leaving objects. This will ensure they can have a happy, relaxed fun life, without constantly being told off.

2) Dog drying coat

There are a plethora of dog accessories available on the market these days, but something your pooch will certainly appreciate during these cold winter months is a dog drying coat. After a soggy walk in the rain and mud, you can put a Ruff and Tumble wrap around them to quickly dry them off so they can warm up easily.

3) Paw pad balm

We all know how important lip balm is to humans during the frosty weather, preventing them from getting cracked and sore. Well, now you can treat your dog to a paw pad balm for much the same reason.

This stops their paw pads from drying and splitting by moisturising it. Now your mutts can enjoy long wintry walks without you worrying about them getting sore paws.

4) Dental treats

If you want to give your dog a tasty Valentine’s treat, why not make it one that improves their oral hygiene as well? Dental treats help to clean dogs’ mouths, making their breath smell better while tasting as yummy as other treats.

5) Dog water bottle

Something dogs will appreciate on those long walks – particularly when the weather begins to improve – is a travel water bottle.

Instead of having to bring a separate water bottle and bowl, Highwave’s mini auto dog mug allows you to fill up a bowl that is attached to the top of the bottle when it is squeezed. This makes it easier to quench their thirst wherever you are on the walk, while also preventing unnecessary spillages.

6) Warm blanket

A cosy blanket is a lovely idea for your pet, whether you use it in their beds or to keep them warm in the car. It is ideal for the winter months when the weather can be particularly frosty, helping them to warm up from icy walks.

As it’s Valentine’s Day, you could choose a fleecy blanket with a heart shape on it, or even a personalised one with your dog’s name. 

The Dog Who Can Detect Great Crested Newts!

The UK’s dog detective force received a very serious boost last week (Jan 20th), with Rocky the sniffer dog finally accepted into the ranks after 18 months of serious dog training sessions.

According to the Rhyl Journal, Rocky is in fact the first great crested newt detection dog in the world, part of the team of conservation dogs at Wagtail UK in North Wales.

Rocky passed all his tests with flying colours and can now spend his days helping to find great crested newts, a European protected species. The newts themselves, their breeding sites, eggs and resting places are all protected by law - but the creatures can be very elusive and difficult to find. Enter Rocky!

He indicates the presence of a newt by sitting or standing and staring to alert his handlers… all without touching them in any way. Rocky has also been trained to ignore frogs and smooth newts.

Managing director at Wagtail UK Collin Singer explained: “This work highlights the innovative manner in which dogs can be used in conservation and to assist with ecological surveys. Four years of research, painstaking trial and error, and now success has produced a brand new innovative method of detection dog training.”

If you think your dog could take a little bit of a leaf out of Rocky’s book and really knuckle down with their training, get in touch with us here at 101 Dog Solutions to see how we can help.

This can be for anything from pulling on the lead and mouthing to more serious concerns like barking, separation anxiety, phobias and so on. 

Why Puppy Training Is Important

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing your new puppy home for the first time! It won’t take long for your new pooch to find their feet and grow in confidence, and soon you won’t be able to remember what life was like before they came to their furever home.

However, it’s important that your new pup knows its place in the social hierarchy of your house - and the best way to go about doing this and establishing firm boundaries of behaviour at home is to go for puppy training.

Remember that dogs are pack animals and they’ll look to you as the head of the pack for guidance on how to behave… so we need to make sure that we’re teaching them properly, ensuring that they’re well socialised and trained appropriately. 

They have to know what the rules are in order to follow them!

Being able to control your dog easily is one of the biggest benefits to classes, as you won’t have to worry when you’re out walking them if you’re confident that they’ll obey immediately. This also means you can enjoy a better relationship with your dog, as well.

Dogs also typically enjoy learning, so you’re not only training them up to be the obedient pooch you want but you’re also spending quality time with them as far as they’re concerned, providing them with stimulation, fun, exercise and your company.

Proper training also means you’re preventing the chances of bad behaviour surfacing later down the line, whether that’s snapping at other dogs, incessant barking, separation anxiety and so on. Puppy classes can really make a huge difference to both your life and that of your dog’s.

Take a look at this blind and deaf dog learning tricks through touch… impressive!